Let's end poverty in Edmonton within a generation.

Poverty Elimination Committee

Edmonton's Poverty Elimination Steering Committee unites 26 organizations under a shared vision to end poverty within a generation. A Poverty Elimination Strategy for Edmonton will address root causes; remove risks and shift attitudes and perceptions about poverty.

Since poverty elimination is a shared responsibility all citizens, including those who live in poverty, must be part of the solution. This group will influence policy, be responsive to emerging issues and help diverse people speak in one voice.

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Poverty Elimination Committee
Lucenia Ortiz
Project Leader
P: (780) 442-6438
E: lucenia.ortiz@edmonton.ca

Preliminary Strategic Framework

The draft Poverty Elimination Strategic Framework supported by the Community Services Committee of City Council will be a tool for discussion with people living in poverty and with the greater community.

Poverty Fact Sheet

More than 100,000 Edmontonians live in poverty, nearly 28,000 of which are children. Get the facts and learn more about this important challenge.

Summary Report

We can end poverty in Edmonton in a generation and build a truly inclusive and vibrant city where prosperity is shared by all. A new conversation along with dynamic and nimble partnerships will bring us successfully to this goal.